Our waxing specialists use the highest quality wax for our male and female waxing in Albert Park. Ask us about everything from eyebrow waxing to full body waxing and our experienced beauty therapists provide fast and relatively pain-free hair removal.

For permanent hair removal, we also offer electrolysis and laser hair removal options.

Facial Treaments & Skin Treatment Products

With more than 40 years of experience in the skin care industry we know a good product when we find it which is why, at Albert Park Laser and Beauty, we use the GERnétic International range for our facial treatments. GERnétic International is a revolutionary alternative to skin care including cleansers, anti-aging, firming, eye creams and oxygenating creams suitable for all ages and all skin types. The products are delivered deep into living cells, allowing the skin to repair and renew itself from within. Albert Park therapists are happy to advise you on a suitable product to suit your skins’ condition or to recommend a product as part of your skin treatment.

GERnétic International Synchro
A nutritive and rejuvenating cream suitable for all skin types and age groups, Synchro has unrivalled regenerating and healing capabilities by regulating the skins functions and restoring its natural defence system. Used on the face, bust, body, hands, scalp, scars and skin inflammations it is the most important cream in the whole GERnétic’s range.

GERnétic International Glyco
A rich, textured cleansing milk suitable for all skin types over the age of 25, Glyco is perfect for removing make up and impurities. Glyco induces a mild dead skin cell exfoliation encouraging cellular renewal leaving your skin soft and nourished.

GERnétic International Cytobi
Cytobi is a super nourishing cream suitable for all ages and is especially recommended for treatment of skin problems or skin that is fine, dry, sensitive or inflamed. The perfect defence against ageing, Cytobi is extremely soothing for skin conditions such as rosacea.

GERnétic International Cells-Life
Cells-Life is a revitalising and hydrating serum suitable for dehydrated skin. It results in firmer, more supple and well-hydrated skin with increased vitality.

At Albert Park Laser & Beauty, we also stock the EyEnvy™ product range. Exclusively available to salons, this unique formula complements the results of your facial treatment by boosting the appearance of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Ear candling

This painless process helps to relieve a range of head and ear conditions, including sinus irritation and wax build-up. Ear candling treatments at Albert Park Laser & Beauty generally take around one hour.